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Written by Benjamin Geer

22 August 2009 at 21:01

Živković predicts future self-publishing real time peer reviewing science

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From an interview with Bora Živković, the online Community Manager of the Open Access Journal PLoS One, answering the question will Open access change the way science is done, he says:

I think it is inevitable that we get there, the only thing I do not say is how fast, because there will be a lot of resistance, because scientist are reall very conservative and risk-averse in changing the system. But there are pioneers that are going to lead the way. They are going to get us to that point where research is put directly online in real time. There will be no such things as journals any more, only platforms for self-publishing, where massive peer-review is going on in real time. What’s going to happen is the evolution of a system that assigns reputation to individuals depending on their contribution to the process. That is the key, I think. Once you can gain scientific reputation by your online contribution, theoretical work, commenting, or peer-reviewing others, then people will participate

He predicts that scientific papers will evolve into collections consisting of parts from various scientific sources, in which people with talent for synthesis will emerge as those who monitor ongoing open research and write review papers. Read the full interview here.

Written by KontraMraku

9 August 2009 at 15:48

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Commentpress for books in progress

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A system called CommentPress, collection of plugins and a themes for WordPress, does something close to what Ben i and talked about as a workable way to comment on books in progress. It’s still in development and mostly based on jquery.

Having it would mean self hosted WordPress installation. I tested it with Debian/testing WP packpage (2.7.1-2) and 1.4.1 CommentPress following these simple (really) steps . It works just fine.

Installing WP on Debian, at least for a single blog, is trivial (apt-get install wordpress + apache config), and CommentPress needs to be dropped into plugins directory (the rest of instructions at CP website refer to an old WP version), enabled from admin blog panel as the current Theme, and that’s it.

Written by KontraMraku

21 July 2009 at 21:29

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