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Commentpress for books in progress

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A system called CommentPress, collection of plugins and a themes for WordPress, does something close to what Ben i and talked about as a workable way to comment on books in progress. It’s still in development and mostly based on jquery.

Having it would mean self hosted WordPress installation. I tested it with Debian/testing WP packpage (2.7.1-2) and 1.4.1 CommentPress following these simple (really) steps . It works just fine.

Installing WP on Debian, at least for a single blog, is trivial (apt-get install wordpress + apache config), and CommentPress needs to be dropped into plugins directory (the rest of instructions at CP website refer to an old WP version), enabled from admin blog panel as the current Theme, and that’s it.


Written by KontraMraku

21 July 2009 at 21:29

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